Internationale Body for Six Sigma Practitionaire

Accreditation for Training Providers

As an accredited training provider, institutes/organizations will be eligible for multiple benefits including usage of IBSSP logo. However, itself will not be a channel, who will publicize the names and logos of institutes/organizations.

Follow the simple 5 step guideline.

  1. Show that you are a legal entity present in the respective country of business
  2. Show that you care for value addition for customers and clients
  3. Show that you have established procedures, guidelines, check-lists to implement the desired six sigma & lean practices
  4. Show that you have established repeatability & reproducibility of the six sigma & lean practices
  5. Show that you will comply to random checks & planned audits conducted by at your work-site

How to get started?

  • Submit your intent of accreditation on-line to
  • After application is submitted with basic details, we will review preliminary information & accept your participation.
  • Pay one time non-refundable assessment fee of USD 400 towards IBSSP.
  • Download the tool-kit provided to you and fill complete information details along with requested information.
  • Based on the information provided, IBSSP will evaluate your application with in next 15 days and confirm your status.
  • In case of non award, you will be intimated to submit a fresh application after rectification of non-conformances.
  • In case of accreditation award, please pay a balance of USD 1600 towards IBSSP.
  • Maintain the Accreditation status as active with participation of planned half yearly audits.
    • Audits will be performed by expert team on-line upon submission of Audit fee USD 600 yearly.
    • A set of guidelines will be issued to the Accredited Training Providers to comply for every 6 months.

More Questions?

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