Internationale Body for Six Sigma Practitionaire

IBSSP Mission & Association

Mission of IBSSP establishes, preserves and promotes the most accepted quality standards worldwide as a change driver for publishing rightful information, light for training providers and establishing networking channels for government bodies, institutions, professionals, corporations.

Why associate with IBSSP?

Very Simple. Great Value.

For Professional Bodies, that would mean connecting with extensive network across the world. Participation in such extensive network of opportunities for professional bodies would automatically mean a great sense of direction.

For Training Providers and/or Professional Bodies, that would mean you could issue course certifications with confidence and reputation at a benchmark level as expected by your course participating professionals.

For Professionals participating in training courses, that means a tremendous value gained with significant advantage of wide-spread IBSSP recognition across employers and world wide credential.

IBSSP expects to receive a huge amount of applications every year to be accredited with us in many capacities across countries from the world. A select few number of accreditations are carefully evaluated and awarded every year.

Accreditation with IBSSP is limited and is an assurance for Great Value.